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2 live chicks

by: cindy

2 live chicks: I have a broody hen who has just hatched 2 live chicks on 2 different days , she is off the nest tending to her chicks and today I found another chick half hatched but very feeble, I am worried about the chick I have brought it in and put it under heat lamp to dry him out , but he cannot stand yet he is all fluffed up now but I am not sure what age he should be up on his feet? plz can anyone help?

Baby Chicks
by: Sharon

When hatching is staggered this is usually a result of eggs being added to the clutch after the incubation process has begun. Once a hen is off the nest with active chicks, any unhatched eggs should be candled and put in an incubator, if you find there are developed chicks still inside. The complete hatching process can take days. Once freed from its shell, a chick should be moving, stretching, drying and attempting to stand within hours. This can vary depending on the air temperature. If cold out, young chicks will cling to mom's warmth, and not want to venture out as quickly.

If a chick becomes too cold at any point, multiple problems may occur, and weakness is one. Having a product on hand, called Chick Save, and offering a drop or two, now and then, as the chick can swallow, may help energize it and strengthen it as it warms up. A chick that is too cold is dying and there can be permanent brain damage and other system failures that would prevent a chick from ever being healthy and normal.

A mother hen can only stay with the nest while the hatched chicks stay close, but she must leave when babies venture out in search of food and water. I like to place a mother hen in a brooding cage with chick start and water close. She will recognize the safety of her hatched chicks and generally stay on the unhatched eggs and finish hatching as many as she reasonably can.

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