Brahma Chickens: A Heavy, Hardy Breed

Brahma chickens are one of the largest breeds of chicken and they are also good winter layers of brown eggs.

Brahma Chickens Facts:

Class: Standard: Asiatic / Bantam: Feather Legged

Size: Standard Male: 12 Ibs. / Standard Female: 9.5 Ibs. / Bantam Male: 38 oz. / Bantam Female: 34 oz.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: They have a pea comb and medium sized, well rounded wattles, with large and long earlobes. All of these are red.

Color: Breeders are currently developing different color varieties that have yet to be accepted by the APA including blue, partridge, and red. They have a yellow beak and reddish brown eyes, as well as yellow shanks and toes.

Black: They have standard black plumage, including the shanks and toe feathers.

Buff: The buff that this breed refers to more likely fits the description for standard buff Columbian coloring. Male: The shank feathers and outer toe feathers are buff and black. Female: The shank feathers are buff and the outer toe feathers are buff and black.

Dark: The dark that this breed is referred to more fits the description of standard silver penciled plumage. Male:The shank and outer toe feathers are black. Female: The shank feathers are penciled with a gray color.

Light: The light description given to this breed fits the bill for standard Columbian plumage. Male: The shank feathers and outer toe feathers are white and black. Female: The shank feathers are white and the outer toe feathers are white and black.

White: They have standard white plumage, including the shanks and toe feathers.

Place of Origin: United States

Conservation Status: Watch

Special Qualities: One of the heaviest breeds and a good winter layer.

The history of this breed is somewhat a mystery. There are some poultry historians that claim that the bird came from the Chittagongs of Indian, and others claim that the breed was developed in California in the mid-1800's by crossing Chinese Shanghai chickens with Chittagongs. We may never know, but what we do know is Brahma Chickens are big and a good winter layer of brown eggs.

The early breed grew quickly, but the breed we know today matures more slowly. They have a level back line, but their long feathered legs and arched back give them an upright posture.

The hens are rather broody, but occasionally break eggs simply because of their weight. They do all right in confinementif given enough room, but they do the best when given access to the outdoors. These birds have a mellow temperament and standup well to both heat and cold.

Brahma Chickens were first introduced to the APA in 1874.

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