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Important correction to the above
by: Anonymous

Actually you do NOT want to keep them at 95 degrees for 4 weeks. The first week just above 95 then every week thereafter drop it 5 degrees until you get to room temp.

This is because they don't have feathers and no momma to sit on them to keep them warm. How do you do this?

A heat lamp that you can raise to make it cooler. Keep a thermometer in the brooder (box) to see. Also they should not be "fed" but instead have starter chicken food available at ALL times as chickens digest all food within 2 hours.

You don't want them to not be able to get away from the heat, however as they can get too hot. Give them a large enough space that they can get under the lamp or move away if too hot.

It sounds like your chick has a virus. As babies they catch viruses or get bacteria easily (all chickens can die from mold) so they should be on medicated starter for this reason.

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