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Rooster too rough with hens
by: Susie, Ireland

I have 10 hens and one Beautiful black rooster who we reared from a chick. He is a great caring rooster who really minds his hens and protects them but the problem is he is so rough with them when mating that he is doing some real damage.

4 of the hens, his favorites, are almost bald on top and on their backs and have real red patches on their wings.

I have sprayed them with antibiotic spray to stop infection and have separated them from the brood to give them a chance to heal but they really want to go back to him and are fretting a lot.

How long will it take for them to recover and what will i do with the rooster. Because we raised him we are really attached to him. I filed down his nails but that's about all i can do. We want baby chicks so we need him.

Hen Saver!
by: Elizabeth R.

There is a product called "Hen Saver" and it is for just that: saving your hens from over-zealous roosters!

I'm planning on ordering about 5 or so for my own hens as my roos are doing quite a number on their backs as well.

I don't think they're too pricey and you can get different style too - ones that also have shoulder protectors for the girls' raw spots on the top of the wings (my girls have those bare/raw spots too). Hope this helps and good luck!

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