Miscellaneous Poultry Questions

Asking miscellaneous poultry questions is how we learn. There are no stupid questions, or things you should already know. Many of us, that have kept chickens for decades, are still learning, because we just want to know more.

This doesn’t mean it takes decades to learn what you need to know to take care of a small flock of chickens. In the process of answering miscellaneous questions, I continue to learn and expand my chicken related knowledge, just because someone else had a question.

Questions seem to breed wisdom, knowledge, understanding and even more questions!

There is nothing that compares to on the job training. Through the years I have kept chickens, I have thoroughly enjoyed being mentored by people who love chickens, have kept them for years, and enjoy the lively, humorous, interesting, and beautiful qualities chickens share with us.

I’ve been asking chicken questions to anyone and everyone I’ve met that just might know a little more about chickens than I do. No answer is necessarily the whole picture on the subject, but each bit of information we gather can help to lead us down the right path to better understanding our chickens, their needs, wants, health, illnesses and behaviors.

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Miscellaneous Chicken Questions


How do I treat a leg that is swollen from the leg joint to the foot. The bird gets around but with difficulty.

Aspergers & Chickens as Therapeutic Pets 
http://www.twcnews.com/nys/hudson-valley/news/2016/03/31/family-fights-to-keep-chickens.html Teenager diagnosed with Asperger's is fighting to keep …

I usually have eggs or chicks of these following rare breeds. Araucana chicks $8-15, Cream Brabanter $15 chicks, Bearded Silkie chicks $8, Sultan …

I have a cornish cross chicken that did not get processed last year with rest of them of because she was very smart hid in a well hidden spot. We found …

Does the rooster fertilize the egg?

Do you mind if I put a link to your site in an article I am writing? 
I am writing an article on basic chicken raising for a friends blog/site. I would like to put a link to your site in the article. The size of my article …

New to chickens 
Question This is my first dealing with chickens. I split a straight run of rare breed bantams with another person. They were hatched May 6th. Odd …

Raising Chickens in cold weather

Question Raising Chickens in cold weather: I need some advice this will be my first year ever having chickens. I'm a newby to this all and so EXCITED! …

Chickens, Quails and and Other Stuff 
Question Time of day chickens are active: When are chickens active day or night? Answer Since chickens are nearly blind in low light and dark …

How many chickens do we need?

Question How many chickens do we need? I am living in Panama and have started raising chickens for the meat. There are 3 of us living in the house. …

Old chickens mixed with young

Question Old chickens mixed with young: I have 2 full grown 3 year old laying hens. My wife and daughter don't want to get rid of them. I am getting …

Chickens cost per year?

Question: I was wondering how much money do chickens cost per year. For food hay and vet checks. My family doesn't know how much money it will take …

Juvenile Hen or Rooster?

 Not rated yet
Question Juvenile Hen or Rooster?: I think one of my juvenile Rhode island red hens may be a Rooster how can I be sure. She/He is growing dark green …

Chicken Vaccines

 Not rated yet
Question: Chicken Vaccines: Do we Have to give the egg laying hens Any vaccines to ensure healthy eggs for us to eat? Would we get sick from eating …

Catch a chicken

 Not rated yet
Question Catch a chicken: My boyfriend and I just got acquired some chickens pretty quickly and we are scared and unsure of how to raise them. …

Right number of chickens?

 Not rated yet
Question Right number of chickens? The closest I've ever been to raising chickens is seeing them in the farm/hardware stores. I live in the country. …

New to raising chickens

 Not rated yet
Question I just discovered your website and am very happy I did. We were given some chickens about 7 months ago. They are a bantam / game mix. We …

How nasty are chickens

 Not rated yet
Question How nasty are chickens? Can baby chicks give you diseases? What kind of disease? Can it kill you? Aren’t you aloud to let baby chicks …

Chickens Eating Not rated yet
Question Chickens in the compost: We have 5 chickens under the age of 2, on a regular diet of organic feed. They spend the night locked up in their …

Wash a Chicken Not rated yet
Question Warts on Legs: How many times a week should a chicken get washed? Answer There are a few good reasons for washing a chicken. Most common …

Chickens in Your Garden

 Not rated yet
Question: Chickens in Your Garden: I am looking to get some pet chickens for my boys. However, we have a garden and have heard that there certain …

Chickens can be Bullies Not rated yet
Questions How do I keep my chickens safe from the bullies? They are all the same age, I bought them all together and they grew up together, the bullies …

How cold is too cold for chickens?

 Not rated yet
Question How cold is too cold for chickens? I have a chicken coop that has an enclosed nesting area with a door. The nesting boxes are off the …

Kill An Organic Chicken

 Not rated yet
Question: Kill An Organic Chicken: Can you let me know when is the right time to kill an organically raised chicken for tender meat? I am trying …

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