by Lesa hall
(Linden al)

She has a abscess above her right eye that keeps rupturing. She looks a bloody mess. I've been giving her antibiotics. What else to do


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by: Sharon

This is a difficult area to treat. Poor thing. Hydrogen peroxide can't be used so close to the eye. Warm salty water could be used for cleaning without injuring the eye and may help disenfect and dry it out.

Are other chickens pecking at her? She should be isolated.

Giving her antibiotics? Abscesses are usually isolated, so whole body antibiotics probably won't do any good. You could use topical antibiotic salve. You can use triple antibiotic and try to avoid the eye.

The wound has to be allowed to dry & heal. She may be scratching at it. Some kind of bandage over it might help...but I can imagine her scratching at that, too.

I sympathize with you and you chicken. This is a difficult place to treat. Doing your best to clean it out is about all I can suggest. It's just so hard so close to the eye.

I had a rooster that developed cysts just outside each ear and there was little I could do, so close to the eyes. I had to let nature take it's course. No idea what caused the cysts. He was young, did fine through the winter, but I found him dead one morning in the spring.

Sometimes there isn't much we can do for them. I searched the internet for answers, but found nothing. I've had chickens over 25 years. Never had that problem before and never again. Some individuals are not as healthy as we would like, no matter what we do for them.

If you took her to a vet, they would probably want to do surgery to clean out the abscess and stitch her up. I'm sure that would be very expensive and not necessarily a cure.

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