Raising Meat Chickens Will Provide You With Higher Quality Meat

Raising Meat Chickens Will Provide You With Higher Quality Meat

Raising meat chickens is not only an excellent way to get good quality chicken at a fraction of the cost of similar quality meat; it's also more humane than commercial farming methods.

Chickens you raise at home will be cared for up until the day of slaughter, and will get better food, more access to fresh air and pasture, and have overall better lives. Here's an overview of meat chickens.

A well planned, well managed flock is an excellent source of fresh meat. Just don't expect to sell your birds on the market.

Pricing isn't competitive, and you'll have better luck only raising the number of birds your family will consume. However, this is an excellent way to develop greater self sufficiency and know that the birds you eat have been treated well.

You'll want to choose your meat chickens carefully. The breeds that are appropriate for meat chickens are different than those for eggs.

Good meat chickens will grow rapidly and put on meat quickly. However, you may wish to steer clear of commercial breeds, which can start looking old very early in their lives. These chickens have been bred to grow incredibly fast.

Remember to calculate your costs and compare them to what you'd pay for similar chickens elsewhere.

Your chicken will probably be free range, pastured, and treated well, so remember not to compare it to the cheapest meat on the market. It's better quality than that. 

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Factor in the work that goes into raising chickens, butchering a chicken, and storing poultry. This will tell you if raising chickens for meat is really worth your while. Remember that the ready to cook weight is only about seventy-five percent of what the bird weighed when alive.

Remember to think about whether you're okay with killing a chicken, and the work involved in plucking a chicken. These aren't difficult tasks, but you need to be prepared for them. Raising meat chickens of your own can be incredibly rewarding, and very cost effective, as long as you know what you're doing. Keep a clean chicken coop and treat your chickens well, and you'll be rewarded with sustainable meat that tastes a lot better than any you'd find in the store. Knowing how to raise your own chickens is an important skill. You'll do well, as long as you're prepared.

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