by Tymber
(Bedford va)

My hen is a year old and yesterday only wanted to lay around and had a pale comb and a swollen foot but also has loose brown-clear poo with some yellow in it. I'm confused on what to do I did isolate her and drained the abscess and gave her an antibiotic and started her on an electrolyte powder in her water. Her temperature was 107.6 when I checked it. She's not wanting to eat but a lot has to do with her foot hurting as well. Any suggestions? I was wondering if it maybe a busted egg as well since her vent it so messy with poo. I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


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by: Sharon

Poor thing. Sounds like she's really had a rough time.

You'd have to do a physical exam to determine if she is also egg bound.

Absesses are usually localized and isolated, so giving antibiotics isn't usually helpful, unless you believe infection has spread. Letting her stand in a warm salt foot bath may help her heal faster, if you can do it daily, or every other. Don't let her drink the water though.

Her bum foot may have caused her to be off her feed. Isolating her with TLC, food and water near, may help her digestive system reboot.

Probiotics might help, greens and some fruits.

107F isn't considered a high fever in a chicken, so

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