After a stroke

by Denise Simpson
(Rutherfordton, NC )

Found my little 3 month old on the floor - no blood, no attacks, she was alert, but paralyzed, both legs. From there, she went into a semi coma - but fecal indicated no bacteria or virus. Third day out, very lethargic, but "asking for water," Noticed her tongue was askew, stroke came to mind. It's now been six days, In and out of seizing, and lots of hours of TLF, massage, and eye dropper liquids, cod liver oil, molasses water, yogurt, , put DMSO on legs and tons of prayers and declarations that she will be well.

She has come back from the brink rather miraculously.

Today we gave her a magnesium bath, and she is eating voraciously after only liquids for just about the entire time. However, both legs still unable to move, mostly the right one ( along with her eye not as alert) , question - what herbs, treatments will help the electrical system? I can't afford to take her to a vet, and besides, there really aren't any chicken vets around.

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Chicken has a possible stroke
by: sharon

Wow, Denise, what an ordeal for your chicken and you!

If this is an "electrical" issue post stroke, I would think that electolytes would be important with fluids and as much nutrition you can get her to take.

I'm not an herbalist, so wouldn't know what specifically to recommend. I totally agree that the most natural medicines would be best. There is one called: Rescue Remedy that could be beneficial. I've seen it work wonders in different birds, especially orphaned babies that have gone through a stressful time.

I would think that fresh fruits would be good to keep her blood sugar and energy level up. Making a sauce or smoothie for her, if she is doing OK with fluid like foods.

My Dad had a stroke. He needed rest, nutrition and to relearn basic motor skills. Helping her to stand, supporting her while you let some body weight bear down on her feet, up and down, repeating basic actions her body could do. Massage is good and moving body parts that aren't working and helping them to move in normal ways. It's my understanding that this kind of physical therapy can stimulate the brain to take control of the body again, possibly recreate any paths that might have been destroyed by a stroke.

Of course without more scientific diagnostics we are only guessing at what happened. I think your instincts are great and you know this chicken better than any vet ever could, so you are the best doctor for this girl.

Since you believe this was a stroke, I would suggest searching the internet for beneficial herbs, maybe essential oils, that can help recover her physical skills that have been lost.

Wishing you the best! Great job, so far. Please let us know how she does.

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