Australian Pit Game Fowl: The Fighting Aussie Breed

The Australian Pit Game Fowl was developed by British soldiers stationed in Australia during WWII for the purpose of cock fighting. They may be any color, cock-feathered, hen-feathered, tasseled, and single or pea combed with a red face and may be bearded. They remain a very popular Australian breed

Old English Game, Asil and Malay were primarily used in the development of this feisty Australian breed, and possibly the Sumatra. The breed is available in standard light and heavy weights and bantam.

Australian Pit Game Fowl, The Facts:

Class: Light or Heavy

Size: Standard Male: 5 - 10 Ibs. / Standard Female: 4 – 7 Ibs. / Bantam Male: 48 oz. / Bantam Female: 40 oz.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Pea or straight or triple

Color: “Whatever”

Place of Origin: Australia from Asian and British Game breeds

Conservation Status: no danger, popular in Australia and New Zealand

These guys originally fought with long or short metal spurs; this practice is officially outlawed, but the breed is still known for and expected to exhibit power, stamina, and true “pit” aggressiveness. Young chicks are likely to practice these tendencies in the brooder, so care must be taken in raising them.

Australian Pit Game Bantams have become popular since WWII and are also bred according to high standards and expectations which are designed to preserve the “pit” qualities associated with the breed.

The back line should slope down to an upright tail and the hens should mimic the cocks in all but obvious sexual difference. Male or female, standard or bantam, this breed should evoke descriptions of graceful, proud, quick, vigorous, alert, agile, aggressive, and defiant looking.

From their powerful looking head may emerge a single or pea comb, lobes and wattles should be smooth and close. Dubbing is permitted in Australian standards as well as spur trimming. The beak should lock together tightly, with a good curve and point. Eyes should be fearless and bold, not small.

The overall appearance and build should be well balanced and athletic.

All Game Club of Queensland does not accept a pea comb.

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