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How long should i feed chick starter?

Answer: How long you feed chick start depends on the feed and the breed. Some are specifically just to start and some are start/grow.

If raising laying hens you will want to feed Start at least until they have a full set of feathers and are about half grown, then switch to Layer.

If raising fast growing meat breeds like Cornish Cross or similar, you will need to get them on Grower fast.

Chick Start is often very fine crumbles making it easier for little hatchlings to eat it and more nutrient rich than feed for another life cycle. Bantam and miniature breed chicks could stay on Start longer than large breeds.

In a brief look at different brands of feed, each one has suggested time frames for feeding. Personally, I’ve raised healthy happy chicks on Layer crumbles with no problems.

I’ve also fed Chick Start, Conditioning and Grower to adults during the molt to give them a nutritional boost for all that feather production.

Most prepared chicken feeds have great nutritional values. Start, Grow and Conditioning usually have a higher percentage of protein than Layer or a generic poultry feed.

I suggest avoiding medicated chick starts unless you have sick chicks. If chicks have access to greens and can forage for bugs and seeds, all the better.

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Chickens and Doves
by: Sandy

I have six baby chicks. At 7 weeks I put them in the coop and did not let them out till 10 days later. Since then every night they would get in the coop on their own about dusk. They are now 11 weeks and recently one chicken flew up into a tree and did not get in the coop all night. She was back in the morning. Last night none of my chicks went in the coop, one went in the tree and the rest roosted on the top of a bench on my covered porch. I checked on them thru out the night and they did not move from the bench. Is this normal? There is a common denominator since the change in behavior... Doves have discovered the coop and they are getting in there during the day. There are dozens of them. Do my chickens feel there home has been invaded?

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