Barred Rocks vs Dominiques

by Gene
(Huntsville Texas)


Barred Rocks vs Dominiques: How can I tell the difference between Dominiques and Barred Rocks?

1.Dominecker is a term used by old chicken farmers to describe the barred pattern found on chickens.

2.The comb of a Dominique is rose, the barring is less defined than the barred rock, they are usually smaller.

3.Barred rocks on the other hand have a single comb and are block like. They have straight lines going over their bodies on each individual feather.

4.Barred Rocks from hatchery stock sometimes have lines that are similar to Cuckoo Marans and Dominiques. If this is your situation, the comb maybe your only way to tell the difference.

5.Neither of these chickens are related to the Cuckoo Maran. There are many birds that have barring and are not related. Cuckoo Marans have white legs, Dominiques and Barred Rocks have yellow legs.

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Barred rock vs dominecker

Barred rock vs dominecker: Are Barred Rock and Dominecker chickens the same breed?
No. The Barred Rock is the barred variety of the Plymouth Rock breed. Many breeds of chickens are available in the barred pattern of feathering.

The barred patterning can vary in each breed, some being better examples of the breed standard. You should be able to find breed standards on line for these breeds.

As a chicken enthusiast you might be interested in learning what traits make these two breeds uniquely different from each other and it will be easier to tell the difference in breeds with similar feather patterns.

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