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Beware of Hawks!!!
by: Anonymous

We lost one of our 3 seven week old Buff Orpington to a Hawk/Falcon. Sometimes during the warm days we let our young hens free range in the backyard.

I've noticed hawks in the area but didn't think they would attack the birds. Well I was wrong and we have one missing. How old or big will my hens need to be to prevent this from happening again?

Beware of Hawks!
by: Sharon

Hawks are a threat to poultry always, but of course, the smaller the bird, the easier it is to grab and fly away with.

I've had little concern for my adult chickens because of hawks, just because hawks have never bothered them. I've lost many pigeons to hawks due to their small size.

My chickens have free ranged for years. I raised Bantam Phoenix and always had several laying hens.

I always collected the layers eggs, so the only chicks hatching on my place were the Bantams..teeny, tiny chicks.

I would allow the Phoenix to pick their nest site and hatch the chicks, then I would gather mom and chicks and keep them in a big cage for several weeks.

Once the chicks didn't need mom for warmth, I'd set her free and eventually move the chicks to a pen with coop.

I always kept my chicks safe from hawks and cats and other possible predators, until they were near adult size.

I know it's sweet to see hens out and about with chicks in the yard, but unless protected from all sides, the risks are high.

Birth Defect.
by: Jake

Our baby chick has a big red bloody mass between its legs on its underside. It was two days early and it looked normal but it had a thick red muscly line stuck connected to it a grate on the incubator floor. It fell off but where it connected there is a huge bloody-red mound. The chick is now really weak and hardly moves. It can drink. We have been giving it Gatorade in a dropper. Will it survive?

possible birth defects.
by: L

so there was a storm in Kansas city, and our house a blackout. we moved the baby chicks and the unhatched chicks to my sister-in law's house, which, luckily still had electricity. the incubator was off for a few minutes, is the chicks OK?
Also just today (6/28/15) the wire that gave my sister-in laws's electricity (i can't remember the name for it) was either broken off by accident or cut off. but the incubator was off for maybe 1-4 hours.
will they still have a chance of hatching?? they are expected to hatch in 1-3 days from now.

Bantom with scoliosis
by: Kathy

A bantom we've had for a year now just died this morning. She seemed fine, eating, drinking and running with the other hens. Don't know why she just died unless it had something to do with her deformed body. We think she had scoliosis. Anybody?

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