by Bianca Jimenez
(Waterford California USA)

We just bought about 3 bantam chicks and one of them has furry feet. When we asked, the store said they would turn out to be silkie bantams, which turn out fluffy instead of feathery. Here's the thing, the chick in question is starting to grow normal chicken feathers, nothing like the fluff of a silkie.

Is it possible that it might be a regular bantam that just-so-happens to have furry feet?

Or do silkie bantam chicks go through a stage where they grow regular feathers?

It would be great if you could email me the answer at or at the least just send me the link to the answer.

Thank you so much


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Feathered Foot Bantam
by: Sharon

There are quite a few Bantam breeds with feathered feet. If we could see a photo, we could probably identify the breed...well maybe.

A Silkie can vary in quality. They shouldn't have hard feathers, but some do, since the fuzzy feathers aren't very natural for a chicken. The chick could be cross bred.

The workers in the stores that sell chicks only know what they are told about the breeds, and often know little about different chicken breeds. People who do know chicken breeds can usually tell the breed on hatching.

When you buy from a retailer, you get what you get. Supposedly sexed chicks are not always the sex you wanted. A friend bought 24 supposed sexed laying pullets from a feed store and ended up raising 23 cock birds. Free chicks are usually little cockerels.

A photo could really help. If you search the internet for feather footed Bantams, you might spot a breed that is similar to yours.

It's fun and easy to get chicks at the feed store in the spring, but if you want to know for sure what you are getting, I'd recommend ordering from a reputable hatchery directly or from a local breeder that specializes in the breed or breeds you want.

You should get an email letting you know about the answer. Check out our Facebook page: I usually post the questions and answers there as soon as they go live on the web site.

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