California Gray Chickens: Good Layer

California Gray chickens are unique in that the different coloring for cocks and hens makes sexing easy at a young age.

Gray Facts:

Size: Male: 5.5 Ibs. / Female: 4.5 Ibs.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: They have bright red single combs and wattles and small white earlobes that are close to the head.

Color: They have a dark horn beak, reddish bay eyes, and yellow shanks and toes. Male: Barred in light gray and white. Female: Barred in dark gray (almost black) and white.

Place of Origin: United States

Conservation Status: N/A

Special Qualities: They are a good layer of white eggs and easily auto sexed because of coloring.

This breed was developed in California in the 1930's with the goal of producing a dual-purpose bird that laid large white eggs. The breed was never accepted by the APA, and therefore never really took off. They developed the breed by crossing White Leghorns with Barred Plymouth Rocks.

The breed is an auto sexing breed with distinctly different coloring in pullets and cockerels at hatching time. The breed was later used in the development of the California White, which is a commercial hybrid.

The Grays are known for being calm and being good winter layers.

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