Can chickens have warts?

by Stephanie McNeese
(amite louisiana)

I have a game hen chicken with what I think might be warts but it also looks like possible bites that are getting worse. Are warts curable and what is the best medication for me to get.

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Diagnosing Chickens
by: sharon

Hi Stephanie,

I understand your concerns. Wish I could see what you are talking about; how big these spots are, if raised from the skin, swollen, or infected.

A good photo of what you are talking about might help. If you aren't sure what's going on with the chicken and you can see the problem, I'm even less able to suggest any wart treatment.

If these are sores or bites as you suggest, meaning the skin is broken and bloody, I would treat them as wounds and use an antibiotic salve or spray.

Warts are relatively harmless, but unusual growths on a chicken's skin can be a sign of disease. It's important to remove a sick chicken from the flock, if you think it might have something contagious, or if other chickens are bullying it.

I would check your other chickens for similar symptoms.

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