Chick behaving strangely

by k.srinivasarao

Chick is opening mouth, then wings are flapping and her temperature is high like may be having fits. She flaps her wings walking back(wards), then sleeps for time and is normal. It eats leaves, flowers, rice, not drinking water much. (What is wrong?)

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Chick behaving strangely
by: sharon

Sorry to see you are having trouble with this chick. These are strange symptoms that would be difficult to diagnose on line.

What you are describing could be a toxic condition, possible brain injury, stress related - including being over heated. I would hope this will pass. I would encourage fluid intake, maybe soaking and serving rice in water.

Chicks need a better diet than flowers and rice. They need proteins, fats and a variety of vegetation, like grasses and small seeds. I'm not sure where you are writing from, but if you have chick feed available to you, I would recommend feeding chicks this kind of food, as well as the other things you mention.

Chicken feeds are usually about 16% protein, 14% calcium (needed for growing bones, muscles, organs and good brain function), 3.5% fat, and about the same for fiber, plus vitamins and other minerals.

If chick feed is not available, try to mimic the percentages, especially proteins. Mixing a pinch of sugar and salt (very small amount) into moist food could help, if this chick is dehydrated and weak. A poor diet, not enough water, could cause fits that you described.

Hope this helps.

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