Why can't my chick stand?

by Joy
(San Diego, CA United States)


Why can't my chick stand? I own two little chicks. They live in a box with newspaper for bedding. I let them out once a day since we live in an apartment.

They are about a month old and I love them very much. We feed them rice and such since our house is full of them. Then one day, I let them out and one of them returned with injured legs. What is the problem?

Is it because a child threw sand and tried to pet them? Also, when the chick walks, she uses her wing every second for support. And, when I looked at the feet ,sure it's pointed the right way it's just that the feet isn't like flat on the ground. It looks like Toto is trying to grab the air with her feet, even when walking.

The other one is starting to lose balance but right now, he is fine. One last question, my mom is feeding them milk because she thinks it can help. (She is crazy, right?). But is it necessary? And for an extra info, SHE TRIES TO SIT ALL DAY! Please help.

First, chickens should not be living in an apartment building. This is unhealthy for them as they need fresh air and a place to exercise to be healthy. This is not a good situation for the chicks. I am shocked that the building allows people to keep chickens.

Rice and milk is not the appropriate diet for chicks. They need chick starter crumbles and special vitamins for their water. Milk is not good for them either.

They need food that is well balanced for chicks, not rice and milk. It is no wonder that they are having problems. They are starving to death. This is a major nutritional deficiency and the chicks are going to die unless they get treated better.

Any child who would throw sand at a baby chick should be reprimanded immediately. Children should also know to handle all animals carefully.

I think that you need to find a petting zoo or farm that will take in these poor chicks and nurse them back to health. Why would you get chicks if you live in an apartment anyway?

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Baby Chick Can't Stand

by Bonnie
(Irvington, KY)

My Baby Chick Can't Stand and more baby chicks are starting to hatch. I have one that appears healthy, but cannot stand on its legs in an upright position. What can I do? It moves around but doesn't eat, and I help it to drink water. I have heard about banding legs together, will this help it to stand?

Thanks for any help.

This is a fairly common problem. First make sure that the chick is getting the nutrients that it needs to give him a chance. You first need to separate him from the others. Next you can start feeding him some vitamin water with an eye dropper.

If he has what is commonly called "straddle leg," then band-aiding the legs together like you were talking about may help.

Commonly chicks have problems getting upright the first couple of days. You need to make sure they are warm and to make sure that they get the nutrients they need, which may require you feeding them with an eye dropper.

Hope it works out for you!

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