Sick 3 Month Old Chick

by Tariq Rashid
(Saudia Arabia)


Sick 3 Month Old Chick: My three month old chick is sick. She keeps her beak open and keeps her neck straight to top her feather (little bit down to floor). Eyes are also closed.

She may be suffering from a respiratory infection, have something stuck in her throat, possibly an impacted crop that is bloated causing her breathing problems.

She may have been injured, she may have ingested something toxic that has burned her throat, there could be a heavy concentration of toxic fumes from collecting droppings on the floor of her area, but I couldn't be sure which of these is the problem.

There is a possibility of throat mites or gape worms also. Removing her from other poultry is important and you must, somehow find out what is causing this.

You may need the help of a good poultry vet to determine the cause and select the right treatment.

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Isa Brown baby chick

by Paula
(Marshall NC)

We have an Isa Brown baby chick that is 6weeks old and acts really weird. It is "Scrunched" up and wont eat.

Its eyes are closed and it almost looks like it does not have a neck bone. We noticed this 2 days ago but didn't realize it wasn't eating. It looks swollen. Could you tell us what is possibly wrong with it?

This sounds like an impacted crop. This happens if a chick eats too much dry feed and does not drink enough water.

Their digestive tract becomes totally blocked. The solution is to offer it plenty of liquid and gently massage the crop, located at the base of the front of the neck, to help dissolve the contents.

Two days is a long time for a chick to survive in this condition. Hopefully it will be able to respond to your help in digesting this lump. When a crop is impacted the chick is getting little nutrition, so acting quickly to help it is vital for its survival.

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I have 12 chicks, 3 weeks old. One of Wyandottes was sitting under the light with the other chicks at nap time, and she kept opening her mouth, like a yawn.

This happened repetitively until she finally went to sleep. Everyone seems fine today, but I wondered what this behavior was...? do they yawn

Yes, chickens yawn. This can also be an attempt to swallow something. Sometimes chickens really fill their crop with dry feed that expands when they drink water.

There might be a little discomfort in their throat if crop contents expand upwards into the throat. This shouldn't be anything to worry about as long as the chick continues to drink plenty of water with its feed, to dissolve it and allow it to flow through the digestive tract.

In older chickens this can be a sign of worms, but it's doubtful that a young chick, still in the brooder, has been exposed to worms.

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