by Janet
(Peace River, AB, Canada)

We have week old baby chicks (Cornish Giants) who seem to be doing well except for one that has mucus coming out of his bum. He also seems to have become lame in one leg. I have separated him from the flock. Not sure if he was stepped on and has internal injuries...he isn't walking around at all and has been laying in the same spot all night


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Mucous & Chick Down
by: Sharon

So sorry.

Your guess would probably be more educated than ours, since you can observe the chick. Mucous can be a type of diarrhea. Diarrhea can have several causes.

Not being able to move well, he probably isn't eating enough. Cornish Giants would need to eat a lot during this phase of their lives.

Isolating it is good. Food, water & heat might help. Water should be safe, not wide or deep, as a disabled chick like this could fall in and drown.

Vitamins and electrolytes in water, plus supplemental heat may help pull it through. Its inability or unwillingness to get up and move around could mean internal injuries or a sign of disease.

Often when raising a bunch of chicks the weakest one will not thrive. Even with veterinary testing and expenses, often there is no answer as to why this is happening.

With chicks or chickens, when there is a health issue, basic care for the symptoms is often the best we can do while hoping for the best outcome.

Good flock management means watching for similar symptoms in others. Don't know how long you've had these, but often the stress of moving to a new home can point out the weakest in a group as they will struggle to keep up.

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