Chick walking upright-egg bound chick?

by Jay Bartlett

I have a Golden Comet chick that is approxiamtely 6-8 weeks old. She is walking like a person-standing straight up, with her tail dragging the ground. Everything I read points to being Egg-bound, but she is not old enought for that. Right? She is eating and drinking fine, but looks crazy walking. My question is what do I do? I've been raising chickens for 30 years and have never seen this before. Please help.


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Egg Bound at 6-8 Weeks Comet
by: sharon

I agree, most likely too young to be egg bound. Do you feel a mass near her vent? Is she pooping, eating, drinking OK? You may need to separate her to check her droppings. I'd check her crop. Contents should feel soft and mushy. What is causing this odd posture could be constipation...similar vent blockage to being egg bound. Check vent to see that it is clean and not blocked with crusted poo. So many little things have to go right for a chick to be perfectly healthy. All it takes is one little thing to throw off the balance of health. Really hard to diagnose the cause of something like this. Wish we could help more.

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