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I'm raising chicks for the first time and They are still little but I haven't really been around chicks a-lot and I am not sure how they usually act.

I would like to know Just in case something happens so I would be able to tell.

For a short question, that is a big one. I have studied chicken behavior: for decades and learn new things all the time.

Since chickens are a flock animal it’s normal for there to be leaders and followers. With a young flock during winter months it’s normal for them to stick together as a group, but you might start to notice the more dominant birds that eat first and explore more.

You don’t say if you have any roosters in this group. If you do, as they mature, you will notice them calling the hens to a food source and sounding an alert, when possible danger is present and sparring with each other.

As you study your flock, watch for any that aren’t as active as the rest, any that go off alone and avoid the others.

There are so many things to look for. Good feathering is important and healthy droppings, too.

One thing to remember is that once a chicken acts sick, it has probably been battling something for a while. Acting sick makes them stand out from the group and alerts predators from the sky or ground, so they “act healthy” as long as they can.

The old saying: “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”, holds true with raising chickens. Invest in the best foods and supplements you can afford. Keep their area clean.

Provide shelter that is predator safe at night and easy to get to, in case of hawks looking for a meal during the day. The coop should be draft free, but have enough ventilation to provide fresh air, even when cold.

Avoid feeds that contain antibiotics. These can actually weaken the immune system of your chickens.

Antibiotics, the right ones for the right disease, should only be used when needed. There are many articles on line that go into great depth to answer your question more thoroughly.

I would focus your study on feeding your flock a well balance diet and giving them the best possible environment for long healthy lives

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