A Chicken Dancing Is About The Joy Of Raising Chickens

The closest thing I’ve ever seen to actual chicken dancing is the courtship ritual performed by a rooster when displaying his vigor; one wing stretched to the ground while circling a hen he would like to breed.

Humans performing a chicken dance are a different story. This ritual is often performed at weddings, encouraging all to join in, impersonating wing flapping, squatting and other chicken impressions to an ever increasing speed of accordion music.

Would a chicken really dance? Are they aware of music? Has anyone ever taught a chicken to dance? Do they possibly dance when no one is watching? Who’s to say?

I’ve never seen a chicken dancing, but have heard them sing. Well, that’s what I call it when a hen is clucking and cackling, announcing that she has or is just about to lay an egg. In my opinion that is definitely something to sing about. Singing and dancing are such joyful activities. Do chickens experience joy? I hope so.

I hope that down at the coop and yard, free ranging and exploring, basking in the sun, having a cool drink on a hot day, laying a nice egg, having a cozy coop to call home each night and a never ending food supply would cause a chicken some joy in their life. They certainly add a level of joy to my life.

The little YouTube video of the chicken dance certainly gives us no evidence of factual chicken dancing. I think if chickens were going to dance, it might be to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy or Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

I could imagine an elegantly feathered flock of laying hens spinning and leaping to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, but that could just be my taste and child-like imagination.

In my defense, I’d like to say: if you are reading this article, you’re possibly being as silly as I am; but somehow this subject commands great interest and has been caught up in the World Wide Web, as we all know. Innerspace, outerspace, … cyberspace… it’s all in here somewhere.

Real or imagined, chicken dancing grabbed your interest. Maybe you’re interested in the reality of chickens, too. Most everyone has eaten a chicken egg at one time or another, if not regularly.

Many people have tasted the Finger Lickin’ Good kind, enjoyed a nice warm pot of Chicken and Dumplings on a cold winter’s day, been given steamy bowl of Chicken Soup to ease the common cold, or read a self-help book that promises to be The Chicken Soup for whatever might be stressing your soul.

How I met My First Chicken

As popular as “chicken” is around the world, many people have never met or gotten to know a real chicken. (Oh, if anyone has ever seen real chickens dancing, please let me know, I’m still researching.) Anyway, the first chicken I met was a Mille Fleur D’uccle, named “Chickie”. She laid a sweet little banty egg, almost every day, for my friend’s mom when I was a kid. 

Chickie lived in a backyard aviary in the big city with some white pigeons and doves. My friend’s mom patiently gathered Chickie’s eggs and prized them above all other (store-bought) eggs. 

I remember watching her carefully, like she was handling fine crystal, take 2 or 3 from the fridge to make a nice little breakfast, sunny-side-up, and she thoroughly enjoyed each bite. I’d also seen her out visiting with Chickie, having sweet little chats about eggs and things. My city-girl reality was forever changed as I found out eggs didn’t just come from cartons.

The reality of chickens is all about perspective. The idea of chickens dancing may have led you to our web site for the first time. If you are interested in chickens, you’ve come to the right place. We’re doing our best to provide everything “chicken” that people want to know.

Through a life time of observing others with their chickens and having my own, I’ve learned that this hearty creature has much to offer, so much more than food in the pot or breakfast on the table.

Chickens have enriched my life with their beauty and antics as well as their strong instincts and predictability. Providing them a safe and pleasant environment makes them easy to care for and makes it easy for them to live healthy and productive lives.

We’re taking a little break from more important chicken issues and having a bit of fun with chicken dancing, but our web site is designed to make raising chickens as simple as possible, while educating people about the needs and wants of this valuable domesticated animal.

Living creatures in our care, no matter if bird, cat, dog, or something larger are a 24/7 responsibility. By learning about and giving them good care, the rewards will be many, dozens even.

It can be so hot in some places that a chicken egg will actually fry on the sidewalk. Evolutionists and Creationists argue still; Which came first the chicken or the egg? People still ask: Why did the chicken cross the road?

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