chicken eating eggs

by NormanCarpadus

one or more of my chickens is punching holes in there eggs y

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Egg Eating Chickens?
by: sharon

Are you sure it is the chickens? I've had Scrub Jays go in the coop and get into eggs. Once chickens learn there is good stuff to eat inside an egg, the habit can be hard to change. I always start by adding plastic holiday eggs or you can buy wood, glass, ceramic, or plastic dummy eggs. I'd keep one in each nest. When I raise chicks I put fake eggs in their pen. I want them to learn from the start that there is nothing beneficial in pecking at eggs. It really works. For now, if you are sure one or more of your chickens is doing this, try to find out who and collect eggs as often as possible. If you keep losing or getting damaged eggs, you may have to remove the culprits, but using the dummy eggs really helps. Make sure your chickens are getting plenty of calcium. Offer a pan or feeder with oyster shell. Animals are smart about what their bodies need...egg shells are a good source of calcium and laying hens need enough to make eggs and to keep their bodies healthy.

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