Chicken Feeding Schedule and Nutrients

This is a breakdown of the ingredients in most chicken feeds. Also, we have provided a schedule of when you need to change to a different type of feed for both meat birds and egg layers.

Chicken Nutrients

Nutrient Feed Ingredients
Carbohydrates(supply energy) Corn,sorghum,wheat,other grains
Protein sources(supply amino acids) Soybean meal,meat products,canola meal,fish meal
Fats(supply energy) Vegetable oil,tallow,blended fat products
Minerals Salt,limestone,calcium carbonate,calcium phosphate,oyster shell,commercial trace mineral mix
Vitamins Commercial vitamin mixes,feedstuffs

Chicken Feeding Schedule

Meat-type strains(Commercial-type broilers,roasters, "Cornish-Rock" crosses)
0-2 weeks 22-24% protein chick starter
2-4 weeks 20-21% protein grower
4 weeks to market 18-20% protein finisher
Layer strains(commercial-type leghorns,brown egg layers)
0-6 weeks 20-21% protein chick starter
6-10 weeks 16-19% protein pullet grower
10 weeks prior to egg production 5-17% protein pullet developer
At onset of egg production 16-18% protein layer diet**
Dual-purpose breeds(Plymouth Rock,Rhode Island Red,New Hampshire,etc.)
0-6 weeks 20-21% protein chick starter
6 weeks prior to egg production 15-19% protein pullet grower/developer
At onset of egg production 16-18% protein layer diet**

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