Chicken Food Your Chickens Will Love!

When raising chickens anything edible is usually considered chicken food by chicken standards. But you know that you should only be providing what is safe and nutritious for your birds.

I have made a list of the things that chickens like. Your chickens are not going to like everything on this list. So it's your job to find out what your birds favorite chicken treat is going to be.


Apples: You can give them applesauce or fresh juicy apples. Yes the seeds do contain cyanide, but the amounts are small, don't worry.

Bananas: I give my chickens a piece of banana, the first one to get it picks up the whole piece and runs away to eat it by their self. They love Bananas.

Berries: All types of raw fresh berries

Grapes: Fresh

Melons: Cantaloupe, Honeydew, And watermelon. My chickens peck it down to the skin of the fruit.

Pomegranates: My chickens love picking out each individual piece.

Pumpkins: Raw or cooked, both seeds and flesh

Tomatoes: Raw or cooked, my chickens like this okay.


Beans: Cooked never dry all kinds.

Beets: Cooked or raw, you never know.

Broccoli: Raw or cooked, some do some don't

Brussels Sprouts: Raw or cooked, this is good.

Cauliflower: Raw or cooked, O'yeah.

Cabbage: Raw or cooked, if you have some try it.

Carrots: Raw or cooked, the whole thing.

Corn: Raw, cooked, or canned, this is obvious,the stuff chicken food is made from.

Eggplant: Raw or cooked.

Lettuce: All the leafy greens are good for the chickens.

Peas: Raw or cooked.

Bell peppers: Raw or cooked.

Sprouts: Make sure they are fresh.

Summer Squash: All Squash, if you have a garden you will have plenty of this.


Chicken: Feeding chicken, chicken okay if you can't do this feed them turkey.

Fish: Be careful this can change the flavor of your eggs.

Meat: In very small amounts(hamburger, steak, roast, etc).

Other Stuff

Cereal: All kinds, watch the sugar.

Cheese: All kinds, small amounts

Cottage cheese: They love this.

Flowers: You probably already know this.

Grits: Cooked, This is a southern thing.

Live crickets: They will jump for crickets.

Leftovers: Human leftovers that are fresh, and low in fat and salt.

Meal worms: This maybe their most favorite, Chicken food for the soul

Oatmeal: Raw or cooked.

Pasta: Cooked no hard stuff.

Popcorn: If its corn they like it.

Sunflower seeds: I don't know what to say but try it.

Yogurt: Plain or flavored, its good for their digestive system.

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