Chicken Help 911: We are Here to Answer all Your Questions

It’s our goal at to provide you with chicken help on every subject. Our Sitemap will help you navigate, but we have several sections that might give you all the help you’re looking for.

Chicken Blog – Tells you what’s new on the site, including questions and answers, new topics and listings for chickens available.

All About Chickens – is a nice overview with links to some of the basics of keeping chickens.

Chicken Coop – Learn the basic requirements for a good chicken coop, see some great coop plans and what some of our visitors have created for their chickens. Get the chicken help you need to decide the type of housing that will be best for your chickens.

Chicken Predators - is a complete overview of the most common and deadly predators that threaten our domestic chicken flocks. Not only will you learn how to prevent attacks, but descriptions can help you discover which predator is bothering your flock.

Feeding Chickens -  There’s more to it than just opening a sack…read all about it here!

Breeding Chickens – They know how, right? Well, sure, but if you’re thinking chicks and want to be prepared, we’ve got the basics that can help you achieve the success you desire.

Chicken Breeds – There are many and this is an over view…food for thought, the kind of chicken help you’ll want before you buy. Nearly every country and territory on the planet has made chickens their own, acclimating to severe climates or just creating a new and different look, which are good for eating or lay the most eggs…helping you to narrow down what it is you want in a chicken breed or breeds. There’s so much more to it than you might think!

If you have questions that you would like to ask a vet, use the service below. Ask a Vet has qualified doctors that can answer questions about chicken health.

Poultry Breeds – is a listing and descriptive article on every breed we could find good information on. From A - I and J – Z we found the information on each breed to help you choose the right breed for your climate and to suit the reason you want chickens. With so many amazing breeds, having just one may be too limiting.

Organic Chickens - This is a popular topic today where more and more people are wanting chicken help. If you’ve been to the market recently and priced Organic Chicken meat, you might be considering growing your own.

Meat Chickens - Some breeds are better than others. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to chicken meat quality. Here we have basics to help you get going in the right direction if considering raising your own meat chickens.

Hatching Eggs – Again, knowing the basics before you get started can be just the help you need for a great hatch and healthy little chicks. No matter if you go the artificial route or the natural route, there are things you should know.

Baby Chickens – aren’t they just the cutest little things? A good mother hen makes it look so easy, but there are probably 100 things she has to do right to keep the little darlings safe and growing up into nice big chickens. We’ve got brooding conditions, feed info and everything you’ll need if you’re thinking of raising some baby chickens. Get some baby chicken help here before you have the delicate little lives in your hands.

Chickens Diseases – we have to go there. If you’ve been fortunate enough to keep chickens for any amount of time without learning about diseases, count yourself very fortunate. Even still, you should educate yourself on some of the most common diseases and their signs, just in case. Most people that contact us for chicken help are facing unfamiliar symptoms and want to know what to do to save their chickens.

Chicken Questions- This continues to be one of our most popular sections. We pay someone to answer your questions that has decades of experience with her own and rescued chickens and about the same amount of time working with veterinarians to save the lives of chickens and other animals in need. Often the answers you will find here can save you hundreds of dollars and help you learn the best at home care for your chickens. We have categorized thousands of questions with complete answers and solutions to give you all the chicken help you need. Many common chicken problems and illnesses need urgent attention.

Chickens for Sale – Many of our visitors are offering some interesting breeds and they just might be near you. Some breeds are harder to find than others, but are well worth the efforts.

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