Chicken lethargic and won't/ can't open eyes

Chicken began acting lethargic, now two days later won't stand and eyes won't open. I removed her from coop and placed in garage but now can't see won't eat or drink. I haven't found any lumps or parasites I'm confused any help would be appreciated.


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Lethargic Chicken
by: Sharon

Hopefully you have a hospital cage set up in the garage with a heat lamp & comfortable area for this chicken. Once a chicken is this sick, usually something has been going on for weeks and she just doesn't have the strength she needs to get better on her own.

She sounds pretty far gone, so don't know if she can pull through. Some illnesses and problems literally do happen over night and the best way to help them is to quickly support them and the symptoms they are having.

Chickens do get sick even with the best possible care & sometimes we will never know what happened. The best possible care in a healthy environment is the best way to prevent illnesses in chickens. But as with humans things happen beyond our control.

Wish I had a more satisfying answer for you, but without a lot more information about the situation I can't be more specific about how or why this happened.

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