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Do chickens need perches?
by: Anonymous

Not if they ignore their coop & sleep high up in the trees!!!

Are perches necessary?

by: Sharon

Are perches necessary? Perches certainly aren't as necessary as food and water, but are up there in importance with things that make chickens happy.

Their instinct to perch up high is mainly for safety. Another thing good about perches is that they can keep chickens cleaner and in better feathering.

Mice love to chew on feathers, if they can get to them. If chickens are disturbed through the night with mice running around, they won't rest as well.

In cold winter climates, the floor of a coop can be very cold and damp. I've rescued chickens forced to live in a pen without perches and most of them had lost toes due to frost bite.

Depending on the chicken predators and vermin in your area, your chickens may be perfectly safe and happy squatting on the floor of the coop, cage or pen where they sleep.

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