Chicken problem

by Vanessa


I just got an order of Rhode Island Reds, Silver Polish and Black Australorp, three of my Polish stop eating and became lethargic and then passed, one each day, then one of the Reds started doing it and passed, now it looks like one of Blacks is doing the same thing.

We did have three baby geese in with them, that we have now separated just because I was not sure if they may have been crushed, these chicks have no other symptoms.

They just get quiet, then find a spot and stay til they pass, we feed Dumor starter grower 20% chick feed, keep them clean and fresh water, after the first one past we added the save a chic mineral and electrolyte to their water, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks very much for any of your time and assistance.

With such a high volume of loss, I would suspect shipping stress. One of the most stressful things for chicks is lack of warmth.

This can cause all manner of problems internally, from digestive problems to major organ failures.

If their body temperatures fall too low, for too long, they may develop problems they cannot recover from.

I would suggest contacting the shipper for replacements. I’m not sure if they would be willing to replace all, but I would definitely try that route.

It’s probably best not to brood goslings and chicks together. Water fowl require a different set up, with much more water for swimming and bathing and digestion.

They tend to be messier and can dirty a chick brooder quickly.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks very much, I believe your answer is right, the others are doing very well and we did contact the the hatchery, but they will not replace without the 15 min order as well, but the only one that survived of the silver polish is alive and well, we did separate the geese just in case, they looked a little sad for a day, but now seem to be back to themselves, thank you again..

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