Chicken roosts

Why do my chickens roost on edge of nesting boxes instead of the tree branch I provided

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Where chickens roost
by: sharon

I couldn't give you a solid answer to this question without knowing how high the branch is in relation to the nest boxes. Chickens have an instinct to roost high above the ground to keep them safer from night predators. Wild ancestors of the domestic chicken breeds, roost in trees. The branch could be too high or too low or feel unstable to them. The nest box edges could be more comfortable on their feet, easier to reach than the branch, possibly higher than the branch. A roost should be high enough from the ground so they feel safe, but low enough to be reached and comfortable. Making the branch higher than the nest boxes might fix this problem. The branch could be too thin, too low, or too hard to reach. I would need to know what size and type of chickens you have. If your chickens have trouble reaching the branch you might need to add a primary branch or roost, so they can fly to that first, then to the higher roost. If the chickens have never roosted on the branch you could try placing them there shortly after dark. Hope these tip help.

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