Chickie Poo

by Jessie
(Geraldton, Western Australia)

my 2 chickens have diaherra, one worse than the other. I feed them laying pellets and grit. I give them oats, both dry and cooked as well as pearl barley, greens. I have wormed them twice. I have put apple cider vinegar in their water. I stopped feeding them kitchen scraps and just fed them pellets and grit. Nothing has worked. They are both looking and feeding fine. What more can I do, please?

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Chickens with Diarrhea
by: sharon

Hi Jessie,

At this point you might want to take a sample to the vet and find out if they have some kind of intestinal bug. OR you might want to treat them or the whole flock for coccidia. It's a common malady that causes diarrhea.

Short of medicating on a guess, you could cage them away from others for 24 hours, withhold food and give water with live culture yogurt or acidophilus. This may reboot their digestive system that seems it's been taken over by a "bad" bacteria. Sometimes letting the crop and gut empty for a day can help clean out what's bothering them.

I don't know how old these chickens are or what breed and that can make a difference, since some breeds live longer than others. The health of some breeds can steeply decline at about 2 years of age and there is little that can be done to keep them healthy.

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