One of my week old chick's looks like it has poop gathered up around its butt. I'm new at this you can tell.


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by: Sharon

Yes, you must be new to this, but thanks for checking in!

This is very common and it's important to keep those little butts clean. The build up can prevent them from being able to poo, which is a life threatening situation.

Don't pull the dried poo off. You should soak it and soften it first. If you pull it off dry it can cause bleeding, which can lead the other chicks to peck at this one.

Chickie poo is just a fact of life when we have chickens. You'll want to clean as much as you can off and let the area dry, then apply vaseline, if you have it, or maybe a small amount of vegetable oil. The point of that is to prevent more from sticking.

There is probably nothing to worry about, just check it more than once a day, to make sure no more build up - this pasty butt problem. Most of the time chicks get over this, but good to keep an eye on all of them.

The only time there could be another issue going on is if there is a rusty looking diarrhea. That can be a sign of some intestinal irritation.

Enjoy your chicks and welcome to the wonderful world of chickens!

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