Cockerel walk around in circles

by Miranda Larkins


Why does my cockerel walk around in circles and sometimes fall over? He is a polish, looks well otherwise, good color, beautiful plumage and eats and drinks.

They get chopped maize, cider vinegar in the water and are totally free range all day.

This poor guy! Polish roosters are beautiful. I am so sorry this is happening. It sounds like it might be a type of seizure.

But I’m not sure if you mean he sometimes walks in circles and falls some of those times, or walks in circles (all the time) and falls sometimes.

Either way something like this could be caused by toxin in his environment, including food and water, nutrient deficiencies or possibly something genetic.

If he walks in circles all the time there is something wrong with his nervous system and how it connects with his brain.

This could have been caused by an injury, genetic problem, toxin, disease or deficiency.

I’m curious about the diet you have them on. Chopped maize, or cracked corn is not a complete diet, even with free ranging.

Corn has little nutritional value, mainly providing starch which turns into sugar, just empty calories.

Chickens like corn/maize, but it’s not a good base for a healthy diet, even though it’s often a main ingredient in chicken feed.

Chickens need
a diet balanced in good vegetable fat, vegetable materials, grains, seeds, proteins, fiber, calcium and other minerals and vitamins.

Nutrients available in free ranging vary and are poorest in winter months. I’m not sure what kind of cider vinegar you are using or exactly your purpose in using it (daily?).

But most grocery store brands have been heated which destroys many of the good properties that an organic unprocessed cider vinegar can supply.

A good vinegar can provide digestive enzymes, but these would also be available in fruits and plant material that free ranging chickens generally have access to.

I would suggest vitamins for your chickens and make sure that you are offering them a good balanced diet as well as whatever they may find free ranging, especially if vegetation is dormant during winter months in your area.

We have some articles on this site that are super informative regarding dietary needs of chickens. I would also check the environment for anything toxic.

This could be disinfectants, parasite medications, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or any number of substances your chickens might ingest or come in contact with.

Your rooster could be having an allergic reaction to something that the other chickens aren’t bothered by or he could be giving you and early warning of something dangerous to the rest of the flock.

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