concerned and confused

by robin
(conowingo md)

My chickens are 2 yrs old and I have never had a problem until about 6 months ago they started losing feathers I thought they were molting but the feathers have not come back so I used a dusting powder I purchased from a feed store that the store clerk advised for possible mites. I dusted the chickens and the hen house and the entire area, this did not help. Now one by one they are bleeding from the but and dying within 3 days once that starts. I dont know what to do. I feed them chicken pellets cracked corn and noodles every day. We let them out once a week to run around the fenced in yard. I dont know what else to try. Please help.

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chickens dying, feathers didn't grow back
by: sharon


I'm so sorry to read this about your chickens. I've never had anything like this happen before, so I'm stumped. I wish I could help. This problem has been going on for months now, and with chickens dying, I can only guess that it is too late to save them. This could be some kind of disease, but I've never heard of these symptoms before. It is next to impossibly to diagnose a disease without seeing the problem and being able to do testing. This would take a veterinarian that is familiar with chicken diseases. You didn't say how many chickens are affected, what kind they are, so I have no idea how to help you. I would recommend getting one of these chickens to a vet, so you know if you have a contagious disease that could be spread to other chickens.

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