Digestive Problem

by miles goodwin
(Clayton ,NC,USA)

We have a flock of 13 Dominque hens and have one hen that keeps getting a build up of feces around her vent...they are 29 weeks and this is the second time that we have had this problem..please help

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Digestive Problem
by: Sharon

Well, she's got some kind of digestive problem. You've got to keep her clean, so she doesn't get blocked up. Once cleaned and dry you can put a bit of oil on feathers around her vent to help prevent build up.

I couldn't say what is causing the problem, so not sure what will cure it. She may balance out her own system in a little time. I don't know what all you are feeding. Are these pullets getting fresh greens or some kind of vegetation? She could have an intestinal bug, maybe too much yeast in her crop, so crop contents not digesting well.

Sometimes Raw Unfiltered Cider Vinegar mixed with water given in a non metal container can help digestion. That vinegar provides digestive enzymes. It won't harm others, so can be given to all. She may need some kind of probiotic treatment, or even an antibiotic.

She may even have some kind of digestive irregularity that she was hatched with. I like to start with the simplest treatment first and move on to the next, if no result.

A chicken's digestive system is not designed to be at its best with just processed pellets or crumbles. Scratch grains offer few beneficial seeds. Some fruits, greens, and whole seeds like safflower or black oil sunflower can add needed fiber and enzymes that aid in balanced digestive systems.

She may be having more trouble digesting the processed feed than the others, so sticky & partially digested carbohydrates are leaving her digestive system, causing the droppings to stick to her feathers & vent.

Hope this helps and she is better soon.

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