Do Table Scraps Cause Digestive Problems?

by Murray
(Williamsville Missouri United States)

Can to many table scraps I.e lettuce cause diarrhea in chickens

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by: Sharon

Good question!

I've always fed table scraps and older left overs to my chickens, without problems. You don't want to give spoiled foods, foods with a lot of sugar or salt, avocado, chocolate, or much citrus.

I seriously doubt that lettuce would give your chickens diarrhea unless they never get greens. Is this green lettuce or the white iceberg kind? Either way, I doubt lettuce is the problem.

Best way to test is hold off on giving the suspected food for a week or so and see if the diarrhea goes away. Often left overs have sauces or dressings that might be high in fat & seasonings that chickens aren't used to.

Anytime you feed a significant amount of something chickens aren't used to, it can throw off their digestive system. Doesn't mean you shouldn't give the left overs, just means your chickens should have a varied diet on a regular basis.

A brief bout with diarrhea is nothing to worry about. If it is brown, that can mean there is an intestinal bug or parasite causing intestinal bleeding.

The consistency of chicken droppings will vary depending on what they are eating. Loose droppings are not necessarily a bad thing.

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