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We have some hens that are nearly at point of lay stage and they have been very healthy ever since we hatched them out. In the last couple of days one of them has a drooping down tail and is not very active. What do you think the matter will be?
Many thanks

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by: Sharon

She could just be responding to some unusual sensations as her body begins creating eggs. Generally nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on her. Without medical testing, we can use our powers of observation to try to figure out what is going on.

I've noticed traces of blood on first eggs, so I would imagine there might be some discomfort in a hen's body when her egg factory is starting up. I've noticed small eggs and traces of blood on eggs when some of my girls begin laying after a winter break.

If this continues for several days, you could check her over, try to feel for an egg that isn't passing. But for now, I wouldn't add to her stress by catching her and examining her.

Hens are going through labor when they lay eggs. If her organs are well formed, her nutrition good, she's been able to be active for strong muscles, she should be fine.

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