by Nabiha
(Pakistan Karachi )

My hen is sick. Its body is hot and it is not opening its eyes. There is something white in its eyes which is not letting it open them I have given it panadol and eye drops too. What should i do?

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by: Sharon

You might try giving her some aspirin to reduce fever. You can find dosing instructions on the internet.

For the eye problem I would suggest gently moistening her eyes with warm water and soft tissue. Try to loosen what is keeping her eyes shut. She may have a respiratory infection which might include thick mucous or other material in her eyes. If that eye discharge dries it can seal the eyes shut making it very difficult for her to eat and drink. Keep her eyes clean so she can see. An antibiotic eye ointment is greasy and can help prevent the eyes matting shut. Cleaning the eyes with a human eye wash or drops can help soothe any irritation in the eyes.

I would keep her separate from other chickens until she is well again. I hope she gets better.

If she is weak and not eating or drinking you should encourage liquefied foods that she can swallow easily. Don't force her. Try to keep her comfortable and safe so she can rest, but offer wet foods and liquids through the day.

I don't know how long she has been sick. The longer she has been sick, the harder it will be for her to get well. The best you can do is support her with care, treat any symptoms you see and hope for the best.

I'm not familiar with Panadol. If that is an antibiotic, it may or may not help. Sometimes antibiotics can disrupt digestion in birds. If this is a virus of some kind the antibiotic may not help, other than to treat secondary infections.

I don't know how old she is, if her health is failing due to old age, or if she is ill for some other reason.

Vitamins and electrolytes may help her. Sometimes a pinch of salt in some sugar water can give them some instant energy & help them recover enough to be more alert, possibly eat and swallow on their own.

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