Feed suppliers

by Patti Bailey
(Wakarusa, IN , USA)


Feed suppliers: I am having issues with my feed supplier. They do not understand why I want to change what is in my feed.

I want my poultry to be happy and healthy, not artificially done so. I have written letters to both my local supplier and the company salesman.

I tried explaining that you can just not change feed without consequences. That this causes undue stress.

My local supplier just plain thinks I'm nuts for not just making my chickens eat it. I would not force my children to eat something that may not be good for them; like marigold extract.

How do we go about getting the feed we need and education of this supplement? I am just plain frustrated.

No need to be frustrated. Have you found a feed you like and want to use? If you have a little of the old you can begin mixing in the new and switch them over that way.

I really doubt they will have any withdrawls from the marigold extract. If the new feed has the same basic good ingredients, the feed change should not upset their digestion.

If you are talking about Marigold as a supplement, there is much information on the internet.

The studies I read say it may or may not be beneficial as a supplement and may have medicinal properties, but none have been proven.

I’m sure there are hundreds of articles, I just skimmed through a few looking for benefits and reasons for feeding it to chickens.

If you find Marigold beneficial, you might grow some of the flowers and let the chickens eat the petals as they like.

Don’t worry about people that don’t understand what you are accomplishing. Many humans don’t get the concept of being at the top of the food chain and what that can mean. For them ignorance of facts seems to be bliss.

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Feed Suppliers
by: Patti

There was a miss understanding. I do not want feed with the marigold extract. My chickens do not and will not eat it.

There was no time for a gradual change. I showed up to pick up my feed an it was the "new" feed. It is very fine and bright yellow.

My supplier is the one with issues. I just want 16% layer crumb. Nothing fancy. I supplement as needed.

I use alfalfa as needed for the lutein and beta's. This works wonderful. Also I supplement with cheap cat food once a week throwing a handful in now and again.

Helps give them a protein boost! Does wonders for their feathers. Our family shows poultry. It is nice to know more though.

Feed Suppliers
by: Sharon

I understood you didn't want to feed the colored feed, I just didn't realize your chickens refused to eat it...smart chickens. So sorry you had trouble with the supplier.

I would be cautious feeding "cheap" cat foods. They can contain rancid animal fats which aren't a good food for chickens (or cats).

My chickens love cat food! If the cats don't leave their dish, the chickens peck the cats on the nose and take over.

I started feeding the cats after the chickens went to roost, but treated the chickens, now and then, to the same good quality food I gave my cats.

A good quality puppy or kitten chow will have small kibbles and better nutrition for the chickies.

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