by Brian
(North dakota)

How often do u feed chickens and what is the proper amount to feed 6 full sized chickens?


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by: Sharon

We have quite a few articles on this web site that cover the feeding of chickens.

Basically chickens are foragers, an animal that eats through the day.

Packaged layer feed is good as a base for needed nutrients, especially for laying hens. Chickens are naturally omnivores - they eat everything. Adult chickens love to forage eating grasses, scratching for bugs, worms, seeds and roots. They need fresh green vegetation, fruits, whole healthy seeds with proteins & good fats.

I believe that scratch grains are a waste of money. Very low quality seeds with few nutritional benefits. Better to invest in some whole natural seeds like black oil sunflower, safflower and flax.

Chickens need food & fresh water available through all their waking hours, basically 16 hours a day. They rarely over eat.

The more you can duplicate the natural diet of chickens with a broad variety of healthy foods, the healthier and happier they will be.

Kitchen scraps & left overs can be a good addition to their diet. Avoid chocolate, sugary foods, avocado, and very salty foods. Don't feed rancid, moldy or spoiled foods to chickens. They love to eat and generally prefer healthy foods.

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