by Randy
(canyon lake, texas)

We have raised chickens years ago and trying again. We want to hatch baby chicks. Does the hen know if the eggs are fertilized, before she stays on the eggs. THANKS


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by: Sharon

No. Most bird species have a poor sense of smell and would need to nearly be psychic in order to know if a freshly laid egg were fertile or not.

I have a hen that's gone broody and insists on sitting on eggs. I have 5 hens and no rooster, don't believe my hens have ever seen a rooster.

Chances are, if you have a rooster, or if the eggs come from hens living with a rooster, they will be fertile.

I am unaware of any method for telling if eggs are fertile or not, other than incubating them and seeing what happens.

Incubation period is 21 days. Generally in about a week's time, you can candle incubated eggs to see if the embryo has begun developing. One of the first changes is a blood supply that grows inside the egg & makes a pinkish glow when candled.

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