Foot wound

My chicken looks like she has picked a hole in the top of her footit's bloody and raw looks like it might be a little infected

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Foot Wound
by: sharon

Apply standard first aid. Cleanse the wound with hydrogen peroxide, look for signs of foreign body in the wound and remove it if found, apply topical antibiotic. You didn't say how large the wound is, if she is unable to walk, if there is any swelling, sign of a broken bone, or how long this has been an issue.

It's unlikely she pecked a hole in her foot for no reason. She may have had a bug bite or other injury, it itches or hurts and she is cleaning it, or attempting to stop the irritation.

Putting a bandage on a chicken is pretty pointless, unless you can get something on there she can't remove. The problem with that is that it might be very difficult for you to remove the bandage, it could cut off circulation and cause more problems, if too tight.

Liquid bandage might work. You might need to isolate her in a cage with a wire floor, so droppings fall through and wound stays cleaner. Antibiotic sprays like Bactine can relieve itching and minor pain, which may help her to leave it alone.

Since you suspect infection, I would recommend cleaning and treating the wound once or twice a day, so you can keep an eye on it. Try to keep her in a dry place.

A healthy chicken will heal quickly if the wound can be kept clean and any infection knocked out. Usually they heal on their own. Hopefully her general health is good, her environment is relatively clean, and she lets it heal.

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