Hatching hens eggs

by Glenda McCleland
(New Zealand)


Hatching hens eggs: I have a hen that is broody. We moved her this morning and she was off the eggs for approx 2 hours.

The weather is really hot,the eggs did feel cold but she is now back sitting on them. Do you think they will be any good or is it a waste of time.

If your weather is hot there should be no problem. You didn’t say how long she has been on the eggs.

If it’s been a week or more I would candle them and see if there are signs of life. If so, check again in a week and look for changes.

If this is her first time setting, I would leave her be, even if you don’t think the eggs are good. It’s good practice for her.

It’s common for hens to get off their eggs for extended periods of time in warm weather. You might want to avoid moving a hen that is setting or do it at night, when she won’t notice the change of surroundings as much.

I prefer to let a hen set where she laid the eggs and watch for hatching, if at all possible. Once the chicks are hatching, then I move mom and chicks and any eggs that haven’t hatched to a safe place. Hope you have a good clutch of healthy chicks!

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