hen having very little stool and has blood mixed in

Hen was not acting her high spirited self past 2 wks. She's been acting better but this morning I saw she is having very little stool and seems to have alittle bit of blood and some white yellowish stuff in it what could be going on??

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by: Sharon

Reduced droppings is a definite sign of reduced eating. Blood in droppings is a sign of intestinal irritation - likely from Coccidiosis or other intestinal parasite or irritation. Coccididia is a common protozoa in chickens. Bloody droppings is a sign that the infection has become severe. There are medications for this which can help.

Many intestinal problems in chickens can be resolved & prevented using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). The tiny crystals can cleanse the intestinal tract by scrubbing out parasites and making the tract inhospitable to parasites, thus preventing infestations.

A chicken being sick for 2 weeks is serious. When they begin to act ill, they are already on a steep health decline. Her reduced droppings sounds like her appetite is low, which is a definite sign of a sick chicken. We know how much they love to eat.

Her low energy is a sign of succumbing to what is ailing her. Electrolytes & vitamins can help along with medication to reverse her condition. She should be isolated as coccidiosis is contagious through infected droppings. It's vital to keep water supplies high enough and protected so droppings can't contaminate water supplies and infect the flock. Water sources are the most common means of transmitting Cocciodiosis.

She may need a heat lamp to help her maintain body heat and recover. Isolating her is for her protection as well as the flock, also makes it easier to monitor droppings and watch for overall signs of improvement.

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