Hen with scales in mouth


Hen with scales in mouth: I have a hen with yellowy scales inside of her mouth and throat on one side.

Her face looks swollen and her eyes are almost shut. She has terrible rotten meat smelling breath odor and the other hens peck at her. Any ideas?

You need to separate her from the flock. I do not know what this is, have never seen the like. I would highly recommend you take her to a vet that knows chickens and can diagnose this.

It could be highly contagious and life threatening. I wish I could be more help, but from your description, I’ve not run across this.

Judging by the rotting smell she will need antibiotics, if it’s possible to save her.

The other hens probably peck at her as they recognize something is wrong with her and they don’t want her around.

They may kill her and become infected during the contact. I would recommend a thorough cleaning of your coop, but it’s probably best to find out what it is to know how to disinfect effectively.

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by: Nathan

Found out it is Avian Wet Pox. She has been removed from the others. The outlook doesn't look good from what I've read. It may be more humane to put her down. Thank you for you help. My family enjoys this site very much.

Hen with yellow scales
by: Sharon

Thanks for getting back. This disease sounds harsh. There are so many potential diseases in the environment and it's just not possible to protect our chickens from them all.

I believe the best thing we can do is make sure our chickens are getting the best diet possible, including natural forage, and supplementing with vitamins, minerals and extra nutrients when needed.

I'm a strong believer for the use of vitamins in helping build an excellent immune system, which can actually do battle with some of these diseases and help prevent them taking over.

I would seriously consider getting the rest of your flock on some intense vitamin supplementation for 3 days.

Most feed stores carry a vitamin/electrolyte powder that can be mixed in food or water. Use as directed.

High doses of Vitamin D3 have been showing excellent results in humans at doing battle with the common cold, flu viruses and even some cancers.

With decreased sun exposure during winter months, vitamin D levels may be low, causing decreased immunities.

Ammino acids can be helpful in fighting some viruses and should be part of a healthy chicken diet.

Sounds like a simple mosquito bite could have transmitted this Wet Pox. Makes me want to screen the windows in my chicken house that are just chicken wire.

All the best with your chickens.

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