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Strange smell and taste
by: Anonymous

I've stumbled upon this page as I've noticed some chicken I eat and some eggs from our hens have a strange taste and smell.

At first I thought it was bunny urine from our indoor rabbits that had somehow permeated everything to the extent that I was tasting and smelling it all the time.

After rehousing the rabbits I still smelt it and put it down to something in the milk we are drinking at the moment (unpasturised from our local dairy). I assumed it was me stinking!

No I have isolated it to some chicken we buy and even some of the ggs laid by our chickens at home.

Any ideas what it could be?

bad egg smell!
by: Anonymous

can any one help? lately our chickens eggs have a bad odor when you break them open. Can't figure it out! PLEASE HELP!

Thank You

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