How Do I Treat Intensinal Issues?

by Vickie Hilberet
(Lansing, MI)

I have 4 hens. One has diarrhea with a little bit of blood showing. This morning I noticed that she was standing at the water bowl drinking longer than normal. Other than that, she seems fine. Is eating and acting normal. I live in Michigan and it is very cold right now, 5 degrees. What can/should I do for her? Thanks so much.


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Intestinal Problems
by: Sharon

Blood in droppings can be a sign of intestinal irritation. Could be caused by parasites like worms or the Coccidiosis protozoa.

I like to use food-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to treat either. It's non toxic, beneficial and can clean out the intestines without use of chemicals. It's safe to give to your flock anytime as a preventative or curative. It provides trace minerals and can help create digestive balance.

I also like to sprinkle DE on the floor of the coop after cleaning to help fight against external parasites - like mites, lice & poultry fleas, and insects like flies.

Not sure what has caused this in your hen, but I always like to use the most natural, non chemical treatments, that won't transfer unnatural things into eggs or meat.

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