how to raise chickens in desert heat

by Lisa Wearmouth
(Lake Havasu City, az.)

I have always adored chickens and dreamed of the day I would be able to own just a few here in town. The problem is I live in the extreme heat of the desert (Lake Havasu City, az.), and I want to know how to protect them from the heat! I am not a chick owner yet, but I am studying how right now and I am making sure I am prepared for everything!


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frozen corn
by: de chick

We absolutely love our 2 girls, looks like lake havasu is sadly behind the times and believes chickens are stinky, noisy, and will give the entire city a disease, ahhhh. Here in the havasu heat frozen corn is a treat.

Chickens in the Desert
by: sharon

I happen to live in the desert for the first time and just got chickens again a month ago. I've kept chickens for about 20 years. I've lived in climates that got hot, but not like the desert. I would recommend getting chickens from a local breeder that has years of chickens raised successfully in your climate. The next important thing is always plenty of water and shade, and ventilation. Keep studying. Don't over crowd your chickens. I'd avoid chickens with feathered legs, as clean legged chickens will be cooler. Make sure your chickens have plenty of circulating air, especially when locked up safely on hot nights. Find a naturally shady spot, if possible or make your own. Giving vitamins and electrolytes (a powder mix for chicken water) is a great idea when temperatures are high. A good balanced diet, plenty of exercise, good food and all the water they can drink, and they should be just fine. Talk to chicken keepers near you and find out what their successful actions are. Beware of prefab coops kits that are often very small. If you don't have a lot of room, get small chickens and just a few. All the best with your chicken project!

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