Jersey Giant: The "Big Boy" of Chickendom

The Jersey Giant is known as the big boy of the chicken world. A Jersey Giant cock can weight up to 13 Ibs.

Giant Facts:

Class: Standard: American / Bantam: Single Comb, Clean Legged

Size: Standard Male: 13 Ibs. / Standard Female: 10 Ibs. / Bantam Male: 38 oz. / Bantam Female: 34 oz.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: They have large single combs with six upright points that conform to the curve of their head. They have medium size, well rounded wattles and medium size earlobes, all being bright red.

The Jersey Giant is known as the big boy of the chicken world

Color: Blue and splash varieties exist, but they are not recognized in the APA standard of perfection.

Black: The beak is black shading to a yellow tip. The eyes are dark brown and the shanks and toes are black or dark willow with yellow on the bottom of the feet. They have standard black plumage, although it is often lustrous with a green sheen.

White: The beak is yellow horn and the eyes are dark brown. The shanks and toes are dark willow with yellow underneath. They have standard white plumage.

Place of Origin: United States

Conservation Status: Watch

Special Qualities: They have a good disposition and are known to be one of the biggest chickens around.

The original Black Jersey Giant comes from breeding Black Javas, Dark Brahmas, Dark Cornishes and Black Langshans.

The white variety was developed from the white sports of the black variety. The white chicks usually start out a dark gray color and lighten with age.

The name rings true, these Giants are very large birds and hold the distinction for being the largest chicken breed. At one time they would castrate roosters which would allow them to grow to an amazing 20 Ibs. They are fairly good layers of moderately large to extra-large brown eggs. They have a very long laying season.

Although they have the size, they are not popular as a commercial broiler because they are slow to mature and they have a poor feed to meat conversion. Despite their poor conversion rates, they are very cold hardy and have a calm disposition. Hens will go broody and are very good mothers.

The Jersey was first admitted into the APA in 1922.

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